If you thought Jordyn Woods’ post-Kardashian glow-up was complete, think again! The 21-year-old model continues to post gorgeous picture after gorgeous picture on Instagram and needless to say, we are obsessed. Case in point: Jordy’s latest selfie on Tuesday, July 8, showcased her natural curls, glowing skin and impeccable brows. 

The best part? Kylie Jenner’s former bestie shared several snapshots of the same look — a.k.a the more Jordyn, the merrier. “Heard it all before,” the SECNDNTURE founder captioned one of the photos on the ‘gram. Heard what all before? Compliments? Well, guess what, Jordy … you’re about to get some more.

Jordyn Woods
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

“I like your natural look! Beautiful,” one user commented. “Look at how happy she is! I love this so much for her. For just ONE post, can we not bring up those other girls! Let’s just appreciate her beauty,” added another. Aww, what a lovely sentiment. Unfortunately, it was totally ignored. Plenty of Jordyn’s followers continued to bring up her ongoing beef with reality TV’s most famous family.

As it happens, though, the majority of commenters were on Jordyn’s side. *Sips tea.* “Nobody believes their lies and scripted lines! They had to give the fans a show and had to be made out as the innocent ones. Wow! Had to put it on the show like that?! Jordyn, keep glowing, girl. Us REAL people got you, girl,” someone wrote.

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heard it all before

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“The Kardashian girls were really stealing your shine, girl. You’re glowing!” echoed a second follower. While Jordyn has always had people on her side following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, it seems like people have really started to champion her after Khloé Kardashian body shamed her on the season 16 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Moral of the story: Don’t call a woman a “fat f–king a–hole” on national television. Sound good, Koko? P.S. Keep thriving, Jordyn.

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