She’s spilling the beans! Kylie Jenner‘s bestie, Jordyn Woods, may have kept her lips sealed when it came to the beauty mogul’s super secretive pregnancy, but now that Stormi Webster has officially made her debut, she’s not afraid to reveal what the babe is really like. The 20-year-old Wilhelmina model recently admitted the seven-week-old is “just an angel” and “everything she does is cute.”

Not only did Jordyn speak on behalf of Stormi, but also how Kylie is adapting to motherhood. “It’s just a whole new experience. It’s something you never have gone through, but you figure it out as you go. I think that it takes a really strong woman to carry a child,” she told People.

She continued, “I’ve put myself in that situation of me actually carrying a child, and it’s not easy. It’s really not easy.” Although Jordyn may not have a baby of her own just yet, she did recently spark pregnancy rumors on Instagram after sharing a photo of herself with a purse strategically placed in front of her stomach. She hasn’t spoken out about the rumors, but said she admires any woman who has given birth because “that sh-t is crazy.”

Kylie welcomed Stormi into the world on Feb. 1 and since then, Jordyn said her friendship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has stayed the same. “If anything, I feel like no matter who you are friends with, no matter what happens, the more you experience together, the more you grow and the more you figure it out. It’s just about growing up. We are growing up now and it’s cool,” she shared.

jordyn woods and kylie jenner

Jordyn and Kylie have been friends for years and even starred in a spin-off reality show, Life of Kylie together. Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t expect Stormi to make a cameo because Season 2 probably won’t happen. Jordyn said, “I would love that but it’s also…you have to find the happy medium of keeping your private life private and your personal life.”

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