After all of the controversy Justin Bieber has dealt with, we doubt he cares very much about backlash regarding his facial hair. Still, that's what the internet is buzzing about on June 27. One day earlier, Justin shared the progress on his new mustache, and fans are beyond horrified at his "Joe Dirt" look.

"That video of Justin Bieber rubbing his mustache is going to be implanted in my brain forever. Oh god I really need a lobotomy now!" tweeted one fan. "Please delete this and your mustache from everywhere," said another, also disgusted by the video he recently shared. "I know Justin Bieber’s all excited he can grow facial hair now but pls shave! That mustache aged him 20 years," said a third fan. Other complaints about the lip hair included that it "made me uncomfortable," "made me itch," and "looks dirty."

Luckily, J.B. did have a little support from his most passionate fans. "Your mustache is legendary, my guy," said one person, while a highly impassioned fan screamed, "JUSTIN BIEBER WITH HIS MUSTACHE IS WHAT IM LIVING FOR!"

While fans aren't crazy about the 'stache, Justin has been working on this bad boy for a long time and he's damn proud! In 2012, when Justin was just 18 years old, MTV asked him what he would ask his 25-year-old self for and he said this: “I would probably ask my 25-year-old self for facial hair. I’m not getting any facial hair anytime soon.” He said it was his dream to "[look scruffy, like] I’m just in the streets workin’. There are like a couple hairs. It’s coming soon.” He's got more than a couple now!