Check out that new bling! Beliebers went berzerk after seeing Justin Bieber wearing what appeared to be a dazzling gold engagement ring on June 21. The pop star has been packing on major PDA with Hailey Baldwin, so fans were convinced the two pulled a fast one by getting engaged…or even married! In a fan photo that went viral, Justin shows off his left hand and it's hard to miss his sparkling new ring — but hate to break it to you: it's allegedly an elaborate prank.

Of course, it didn't take long for fans to freak out after word started spreading. "Cannot be the only one that notices that Justin never wears jewelry and he's got a ring on his left ring finger?!?!" one wildly speculated. It was allegedly all part of Justin's epic plan, according to TMZ. He wore a ring on that finger and went on a romantic stroll around New York's West Village, where he would obviously be noticed. The pop star reportedly wanted to watch the "Internet explode" and surprise, that's exactly what went down.

"It's all in good fun and, as of now, there are zero plans for a wedding," sources told the site. "Justin and Hailey are still just enjoying each other's company." Sparks are clearly still flying between Justin and Hailey, as the on-again couple was recently photographed kissing in a Brooklyn park. The Biebs was later spotted carrying Hailey while taking a walk near a Los Angeles film studio. It's only been a short while since Justin broke up with his former flame Selena Gomez, but he appears to be moving on.

Luckily, Selena is focused on her own career and well-being, and she's not paying any attention to her ex's love life. "Hailey must recognize by now that she will always be Justin's second choice," Radar Online previously reported. "In the end, Justin turned out to be exactly the same person he was — a selfish and immature kid who only cares about himself." Even though the engagement was a false alarm, who knows what the future holds!