It’s Throwback Thursday, and in honor of the very important day of the week, we’re throwing it back. Way back, in fact, to a time when Kim Kardashian had just started dating Kris Humphries and Justin Bieber‘s voice could still be confused with a woman’s. You guessed it, we’re talking 2010. Unfortunately, we’re here to remind you of that v awkward, physically painful moment when the duo — who, might I add, were 29 and 16 respectively — had a steamy photo shoot together that’ll make you scream, “Baby, baby, baby ohhhhh no.”

In an interview with Elle, Kim revealed that she tried setting up the Biebs with her then 14-year-old sister, Kendall, but that he wanted to be with her. “I said in an interview that I wanted to set him up with my sister, Kendall, who’s 14, and then he had responded in an interview saying that no, he didn’t want to be hooked up with my sister, he liked me.” She added that the two met up in Washington, DC and took a picture together, which he then posted on social media — or “Twittered it,” as Kim said — with the caption, “Me and my girlfriend Kim.” So naturally, their joke warranted a MILF shoot?

Let’s take a look at the best behind-the-scenes screenshots. I dare you not to wince:

kim kardashian justin bieber photoshoot

kim kardashian justin bieber photo shoot 2

kim kardashian justin bieber photo shoot 3

Of course, we now know J went on to ahem, court, Kourtney Kardashian. In 2016 the mother-of-three kinda, sorta set the record straight on their romance during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “We’re friends,” Kourt, now 39, said, after Ellen teased, “Does Justin help with the kids at all?” But she wasn’t convinced. “You’re smiling as if that maybe it’s beyond friends,” she noted, to which Kourt responded, “I’ve been smiling this whole time since I’ve been sitting here.”

Although it seemed like Kourt was clearly hiding something, one thing’s for certain, Justin’s got a thing for older women! Let’s all just hope and pray he and Kourtney don’t do one of these photo shoots, too. Because honestly, I’m kinda traumatized.