Things are heating up between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. From stealing kisses on a trip to Jamacia for Justin’s dad’s wedding to attending church together after getting back from the getaway, it seems like they have officially rekindled their old flame. “They are basically emotionally inseparable and attached,” a source told E! News. “Everyone around them knows how much they mean to each other, and they are truly on a great path together.”

So considering the fact that they have become so close so quickly over the past several months, it’s not that surprising that they are even starting to accessorize the same — and Selena may have stolen Justin’s look. Watch the video above and check out which staple item Selena may have borrowed from Justin’s closet!

The look is not only trendy among A-list celebrities — Bella Hadid was wearing the same glasses several months ago — but Selena pulls it off just as flawlessly as her beau. He’s been caught wearing the wire-framed silver glasses for a while now and the “Bad Liar” singer may have started to take note of Justin’s sense of fashion. Although, there is a slight difference. Justin usually sports more of an aviator style whereas Selena’s glasses are square-shaped.

justin bieber selena gomez

But it isn’t just the sleek frames that Selena likes. She has been noticeably #twinning with the Biebs before. Most recently, she was snapped wearing his hockey shirt after a game at an LA ice rink. As the pair left the venue together, she sported the same red jersey that he had just been playing around in.

So while they might be trying to work on their relationship it’s obvious that when it comes to style they are on the same page — even if that means rocking each other’s looks because a couple that dresses together stays together!