Justin Timberlake took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo with his wife of TWO WHOLE YEARS for the first time ever. Seriously.

The man has been married to Jessica Biel since Oct. 2012 and has over 290 posts on his Instagram account—but NONE of them have included his actress wife—until now.

The photo he finally did share shows two people—purportedly JT and Jessica—staring out into the ocean with a quote from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off.' But let's be real here, this couple could be ANYONE.

Which brings us to our next point: Justin and Jessica probably shouldn't even be a couple if everything in the world had worked out the way it was supposed to, i.e. he had ended up with his true love, Britney Spears!

So, to pay homage to what could (and should) have been, we've dreamt up 10 Instagram posts that Justin totally would have posted had he and the Princess of Pop stood the test of time. Scroll through the gallery for their story of looooove!