We’re not in The Challenge anymore, y’all. MTV vet Kailah Casillas made her way from one reality show to another when she docked at Lohan Beach House during the February 5 episode. The Champs vs. Stars vet made quite an impression on her first night at the club, not only with her costars but with fans and followers too. So, can we expect more drama from the new VIP host? When we sat down with the 24-year-old exclusively, she told us drama is what she’s all about.

“I think you can expect that kind of behavior from me in any aspect of my life,” she revealed to Life & Style. “Whether it’s on LBH, whether it’s on The Challenge, or in my real life. I love that, I love stirring the pot and getting people riled up and nervous.”

“Right when I walked in, I saw there was a relationship between Sara and Brent going on,” she explained of her first night. “So I just wanted to plant some seeds and create some drama and get people a little bit scared. Because why not?” Interesting move, girl. We get it — Sara and Brent’s “relationship” is a little ridiculous, but let them have their fun for now. They’ve only known each other like, a second, but whatever.

Seems like Kailah is someone to keep our eyes on for the rest of the season! Considering she was the new girl coming in, we get the ‘sink or swim’ attitude. “It always sucks being the new person, everyone’s already created relationships,” she said. “I didn’t know the dynamic of the group before I walked in, I didn’t know these people at all and they had never been on TV before, so I really didn’t know what to expect.”

We weren’t exactly surprised to see her creating a bit of a ruckus, but we were surprised about the way the cast reacted to her induction into the group. “Like I said, the new girl usually doesn’t get treated all that well, especially if you think that the new girl is coming in to take your job. That’s my mindset and I expected everyone else to have the same mindset,” she explained. “But thankfully they kind of didn’t, which was a surprise to me. I don’t know what they were saying behind my back or in interviews but they mostly all treated me nicely.”

It looks like Kailah’s entrance into Lohan Beach House has made a pretty big splash — we’re interested to see what she stirs up going forward.

Lohan Beach House airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on MTV.