YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson must know a thing or two about beauty because at 39 years old, the makeup maven looks half her age! While millions of fans know Kandee from her online beauty tutorials, many more will be introduced to the cosmetics expert thanks to her new gig as a judge on Lifetime’s upcoming competition series Glam Masters, premiering on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

Before we list out all the reasons we’re obsessed with Kandee, let’s first start with her flawless complexion. She revealed the secret to her youthful appearance in a 2015 YouTube video. “I’ve been using anti-aging stuff since I was, like, a teenager,” she admitted. “And I guess my philosophy behind that was, you don’t wait until you already have the symptoms to start fixing the problem…You want to start doing it ahead of time, so I started doing anti-aging stuff to prevent my wrinkles before I was going to get the wrinkles. So hopefully that will help me look better as I get older.”

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Given Kandee’s stunning skin, you might be surprised to know that she is not only pushing 40 — but she is also a mother of four children! Here, Life & Style rounded up some fun facts about the gorgeous social media influencer, including her life as a mom.

Kandee Johnson has four kids.

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Rare photos….because one, you rarely see me in a bathing suit and two, I rarely get to post pictures of my babies! But yesterday was my Blake’s 10th birthday and he has been melting my heart into puddles since the moment he was born. He has my dad’s green eyes and is so much like my dad, I know God knew I’d be blessed by him reminding me of my dad, now that my dad’s in heaven. This guy tells me he loves me and I’m beautiful all the time, everyday. Here comes the part where I tell you why I don’t post about my kids…their dad has requested that I not show them online, which led to me ending my Kandeeland blog which I had typed daily for years. I understand and respect his request but as a proud mama I wish I could post all their cuteness everyday! My Blake lights up my life and my heart everyday….I’m so thankful God blessed me with this baby, because he fills my heart and our whole family’s heart with so much fun, laughter and humor! He is the most energetic, positive, determined, happy, encouraging, sweetheart daredevil!

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Though she hardly posts about them on social media, Kandee is the proud mother of four kids — Jordan, Blake, Alani, and Ellie. She opened up about the joy of raising her little ones in a July 2010 blog post. “The greatest job you’ll ever have is being a mom…nothing leaves a legacy like a little soul that was loved, adored, and loved some more,” she wrote at the time. “Awards and things will fade and be forgotten, but a soul is for eternity.”

Kandee Johnson has been YouTubing for nearly a decade!

Kandee started her career as a social media influencer in 2008. It wasn’t until 2009 that she uploaded her first YouTube video. Since then, she has amassed 3.9 million subscribers on the video sharing site. On her official website, Kandee explains how the love she feels from her fans makes up for years of feeling like an outcast during her adolescence. “I’ve come a long way since I didn’t have anyone to eat lunch with in high school — to having so many people like or maybe, even love me,” she writes. “I love them all from the bottom of my heart — even to the point when I’ve had meet and greets, and I hear their stories, we are both crying as I hug them so hard!”

Kandee Johnson seemingly can’t commit to a hair color.

While she loves experimenting with her makeup, Kandee is seemingly addicted to coloring her hair, too! Her tresses have been dyed just about every color of the rainbow. In promos for Glam Masters, she looks fierce AF with bright teal locks. Prior to rocking a mermaid-inspired hue, Kandee’s strands have been painted beautiful shades of red, pink, blue, and purple.

Kandee Johnson is super-spiritual.

The California native speaks out about her relationship with God whenever she can. In 2010, she blogged about how her veneration of a higher power directly correlates to the love she has for her kids. “I hear God speak to my heart saying, ‘Your dream life is waiting in heaven…I will carry you and your little people on in strength,'” she wrote. “And tears welled up in my eyes…and I just longed to hold my babies in my arms…I thought that this must be how God feels…he longs to hold us in his arms and love us…and no matter what takes us away from him in life…he’s always wanting and waiting to hold us and love us.”

Kandee Johnson can legit transform her face into any celebrity’s.

Fans flock to Kandee’s Instagram page to see how she can transform herself into basically any celeb. In June 2017, she proved that a little contouring and highlighter can go a long way when she turned herself into Gwen Stefani‘s long lost twin. In the past, she’s also made herself a dead ringer for Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, and Angelina Jolie, among other stars.

Catch Kandee on Glam Masters — executive produced by Kim Kardashian and Diana Madison — airing on Lifetime Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST.