Kanye West might act like he’s totally in love with his wife, Kim Kardashian (he’s done basically everything to express his feelings other than jump on Oprah Winfrey’s couch), but his stepsister Aliya Jones doesn’t believe he’s as good of a husband as it may seem.

In fact, if the rapper ended up cheating on the mother of his child, it doesn’t seem like she’d be very surprised.

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“A lot of people cheat and it is much easier for him to cheat than anyone else,” she told ‘Heat’ magazine. “If you’re Kanye West and you’ve got women throwing themselves at you everywhere you go, there’s going to be temptations to stray.”

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Jones, who is the daughter of Kanye’s father’s second wife, also implies that the 34-year-old will need to, ahem, maintain her looks as she continues to age, in order to keep the 37-year-old’s attention.

“[We] just hope she has good surgeons — obviously, she can afford the best,” she said via ‘Radar Online.’ “I pray for them both. It’s going to be a lot of work.”