It’s the most wonderful time of the year! On Dec. 24, the Kardashians finally released their highly anticipated annual Christmas card. While there’s no denying that this year’s snapshot is totally gorgeous — and includes all the KarJenner babies — there’s one *major* flaw that fans can’t seem to overlook. Kendall Jenner is missing!

That’s right, y’all, the (arguably) most photogenic member of the family, who also happens to be a professional supermodel, was seemingly left out. “Ummm, where’s Kendall? WTF?!” one user commented. “This is beautiful, but there’s no reason for Kendall to be missing,” added another.

TBH, we agree. The question is, however, was Kenny’s *Kristmas kard* snub malicious or did she choose to sit this year out? Well, for starters, based on Kris Jenner’s caption, it seems as though the card was specific to the mothers of the family (minus Kris herself, apparently).

“Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas Eve filled with family, love, peace, and happiness!! This year’s Christmas card is one of my favorites! My beautiful girls and my precious grandkids, who bring me so much joy!!” the 63-year-old gushed.

Additionally, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to reveal that Kendall’s absence was merely a scheduling conflict. “This year we waited until the last minute to do a card. Schedules we’re changing, my husband was in and out of town, but the day of this card, last minute, [we] realized we were all together so we had all of our kids come meet us,” the 38-year-old wrote.

“Kendall and my mom rushed to a meeting after this shoot so this is what we have! As many of us as possible! From our family to yours, Merry Christmas,” she continued.

OK, we suppose we can understand that logic. It’s not exactly uncommon for families to want to show off their little ones around the holidays and some family members are better than none, right? 

Plus, Kendall seems perfectly fine being childless. In fact, homegirl is living her best life. “All my siblings posting their babies and s–t and I’m just like…” the 23-year-old captioned a picture of herself in a bikini ahead of Thanksgiving.

Keep doing your thing, Kendall. You may not be in the Christmas card, but you also don’t have to deal with diapers. Who’s really winning?

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