If you don’t Snapchat your New Year’s Eve party, did it even happen? Sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian rang in 2018 with two separate parties and they both took to social media to document their nights. Kim spent her New Year’s Eve with her husband Kanye West, their kids North and Saint, and a ton of their friends while Khloé — who is pregnant and expecting baby No. 1 — spent hers with her baby daddy Tristan Thomspon.

Khloé started the night with a limo ride with her NBA star beau and a few of their pals, and even though she can’t drink alcohol because she’s pregnant, she still found a way to have some fun in the car while playing with Snapchat filters. When they arrived at their destination, she shared video clips of Tristan ordering his drink at the bar and she also documented the countdown to midnight and her first kiss of 2018 with Tristan. So sweet!

khloe kardashian tristan thompson snapchat

Meanwhile, Kim decided just to share a clip of the countdown to 2018 but a really funny, awkward moment happened when the clock struck midnight. After everyone shouted “Happy New Year,” Kim closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss with Kanye, but it seemed like Kanye wasn’t paying attention and Kim just stood there with her pursed lips for a few awkward seconds. He finally realized that his wife was waiting for him to plant one on her, and he finally did. “Don’t leave me hanging!” Kim said, laughing into the camera.

But Kim and Khloé were the only ones in the Kardashian/Jenner fam to share clips from their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Kendall Jenner only shared a photo of the aftermath of her party — which was a ton of confetti on the floor — and Kourtney Kardashian only shared snaps from earlier in the day on New Year’s Eve. Kylie Jenner — who is also pregnant and expecting her first child — did not post anything on social media that night.