“Sexy, confident” is exactly how Katy Perry is feeling after losing a whopping 20 pounds! “She’s loving how fit she is right now,” a source close to the 39-year-old singer exclusively tells Life & Style. While everyone in Hollywood seems to be taking weight loss injections, Katy got her sizzling summer body the natural way — and with the help of her fiancé, Orlando Bloom. “He’s been on a huge push himself the past year to get into the best shape of his life and has really motivated Katy to do the same,” says the source. “Right from the moment they get up, their healthy routine starts. Orlando acts like Katy’s personal trainer, standing over her with his stopwatch, getting her to do lunges, squats, ab work and even some light cardio before she’s had breakfast.” The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 47, has also cleared their home of any food he deems unhealthy. “Orlando’s always trying out cleanses, and he gets Katy to do those, too,” the source adds. “She hates them with a passion, but Orlando is super motivating. He has the willpower of a superhero and she gets competitive with him, so the upside of that is she’s gotten in the best shape of her life.”