For the first time in American Idol history, the reality singing competition had a Disney-themed night. To mark the occassion, Katy Perry decided to dress as the first Disney princess ever — Snow White.

Wearing a black wig, glittery red lipstick, and the iconic yellow, red, and blue costume, Katy transformed into the animated royal, all that was missing was her gang of dwarves. Unless you count fellow judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and host Ryan Seacrest. However, she would still be four squad members short. And she stayed in character through Maddie Poppe's kick-off performance of "Bare Neccessities" calling her "sweetie" and congratulating her on her "bravery" in Snow White's high-pitched voice.

As expected fans were loving the homage to the poison-apple eating character. "Katy Perry does Snow White better than Snow White," one viewer tweeted. Another added, "If Katy Perry ever quits being awesome, at least she can still earn a living as Disney’s Snow White!"

A third chimed in, "Katy Perry as Snow White is giving me LIFE." Same, girl. Same. Katy's costume, complete with blue robin ring, also helps us forget about this wardrobe malfunction. And this one.

Disney impersonation aside, fans need to keep in mind the updated voting rules. For the first time ever, American Idol is being broadcast live across all time zones and voting closes at the end of the show. At that time, three contestants will be sent home based on viewers' votes.

So, what are the voting numbers?

Caleb Lee Hutchinson: text "1" to 21523

Michelle Sussett: text "2" to 21523

Ada Vox: text "6" to 21523

Catie Turner: text "7" to 21523

Cade Foehner: text "8" to 21523

Dennis Lorenzo: text "9" to 21523

Maddie Poppe: text "10" to 21523

Jurnee: text "11" to 21523

Michael J. Woodward: text "13" to 21523

Gabby Barrett: text "14" to 21523