Setting the record straight! Kelly Osbourne revealed she underwent gastric sleeve surgery after showing off her 85-pound weight loss. “I don’t give a f–k what anyone has to say. I did it, I’m proud of it, they can suck s–t,” the reality TV star, 35, told Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast in an interview released on Thursday, August 20.

“I did the gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach,” Kelly continued. “I got that almost two years ago. I will never ever, ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done.” Beyond that, the former Fashion Police host clarified she “never f–ked” with her face. “I’m too scared. My tits are saggy, and I want to get them fixed, but I’m scared of the surgery,” Kelly said. “All my friends I’ve helped recover from it. It looks so painful and they can’t move their arms … I’m like, ‘Nah, I’m good.’”

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Shutterstock; Courtesy of Kelly Osbourne/Instagram

The U.K. native’s health and fitness journey began long before Kelly’s slimmed-down figure made headlines. “What I’ve realized is, people only pick up on your journey when you’ve arrived at your destination. This has been two years of me working on this,” she expressed. “Figuring out if I wanted to be in this industry, figuring out if I was even capable of even losing this weight. I did, and I figured out I wanted to keep going. I didn’t do this for anyone. It was a long process, and now I’m here.”

Kelly’s transformation wasn’t just physical. The “Papa Don’t Preach” artist said getting happy was “the number one thing” she had to do. “I had to fix my head before I could fix my body. You can never go into this if you’re not in a good mindset,” Kelly explained. “I stopped drinking, which is the best thing I’ve ever done.  I really wanted to fix the things that were broken in me. I’m not perfect. I still make a lot of mistakes. I have bumps in the road, I fall down, I get back up again.”

Clearly, Kelly is living her very best life. “She feels like a new person,” a source previously told Life & Style. Keep it up, girl!

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