There can be something so steamy about a slow-burn romance, but for Kendall Jenner, it’s just not her thing. Instead, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who recently sparked romance rumors, is more of a “love at first sight” type of gal. In a new interview with big sis Kourtney Kardashian for her new website, Poosh, Kenny shares that all of her passions in life — riding, modeling, and love — are something that came to her in a split second gut feeling. She’s not the kind to “gradually fall in love” over time. Instead, she knows right away when she’s found something amazing.

“I feel like with modeling, it’s the same feeling that I had or feeling that I have with riding,” Kendall, 23, told Kourtney, 40, in the Poosh video. “It was just an undeniable feeling where I just knew that I love it so much. I’m that kind of person. … I can connect that even with my personal love life. … I’m like [a] love at first sight type of person. Like, I know I’m gonna fall in love with you the second I meet you. I have this overwhelming feeling.”

Of course, the model admits that those moments are few and far between. “That doesn’t happen a lot for me,” she admitted. “I’m not the kind of person who can, like, gradually fall in love with someone. … I don’t know how that’s supposed to — I don’t understand that. So I think it’s the same thing for me with, like, kind of knowing what I want to do or what I like. I’m a really, like, straightforward person when it comes to that.”

But that doesn’t mean she has life all figured out just because some things hit her like a lightning strike. Every now and then, it does take time to figure out what might be the right path. But Kendall tries not to dwell on anything too much. “I feel like that’s when things get messy and unnatural,” she said. “I am only 23, and to have it this together at 23, is already such a success.” Having Kris Jenner around for advice also helps. “Mom would always say to me, ‘You don’t have to have it all figured it right now. You’re still so young.’ … She was like, ‘Look at me. … I didn’t get the show until I was like 50.'”

There is something that she wants to work on, though — or as Kourtney says, poosh herself to do. The star wants to be more “open” and “loving” in her life. “To other people and, like, to the world,” she shared. “When I meet someone, I’m very, kind of, shut off. But that’s just — I actually kind of like that about me. … I don’t know if everyone is that deserving. … [But] I think I want to push myself, poosh myself, to … not give it that negative energy all the time. … It only brings you down.”