Hmm. What’s going on with that wall, Kendall Jenner? On Tuesday, May 22, the model shared an Instagram photo of her drinking a glass of wine in nothing but her underwear, along with the caption, “bone-dry.” This isn’t the first, or second, or even third time Kendall has gone topless on Instagram, so fans weren’t too shocked to see the 22-year-old showing off her figure. Instead, people were actually upset with the photo because many believed it was Photoshopped.

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As fans in the comments section point out, the wall to the left of her stomach looks a little… abnormal. “Why is the wall curvy?” one fan asked. Another wrote, “Photoshop belly failed,” with a third adding, “Worst Photoshop ever. You make good money and you can afford to be presented better than this. Do you or Kris Jenner look at this stuff before it posts to Instagram? Protect your image and your brand.”

Kendall is no stranger to getting backlash for altering her image. Just recently, fans accused her of going under the knife after a photo surfaced of her plumper-than-normal pout.

“You were so beautiful before!” one commenter wrote. “Now you look puffy! Please stop before it’s too late.” Another said, “She’s so naturally gorgeous but I hate that she got lip fillers like Kylie and Khloé. She didn’t need it.”

Despite her new appearance, Kendall has denied getting plastic surgery in the past. "All of a sudden, photos of us came out with headlines like, ‘OMG Kendall got her lips done and got full facial reconstruction — look at her cheekbones, look at her nose!’ I was like, this is CRAZY. I didn’t even address it at the time. Because if I address it, people are going to be like, 'Oh, so she’s defending herself — she must be guilty,'" the brunette beauty wrote on her app. "As a model, why would I have my face reconstructed? It doesn’t even make sense."

Regardless of if she really got lip fillers or Photoshopped her pics, we know one thing to be true: Kendall looks great in a head towel.