Don't mess with Khloé Kardashian on social media, or she will definitely come back to drag you. The 33-year-old called out a hater on Instagram who tried to take a jab at her love life with Tristan Thompson and the "curse" Kardashian family members supposedly put on their significant others. (For any fans who don't keep up with the Kardashians religiously, the girls are said to make the careers of any guys they date absolutely plummet.)

Of course, there is no solid proof that the Kardashian curse is real, but this one fan decided it would be a good idea to take a photo of Koko without her permission while he sat a few rows in front of her at a Cavaliers game. Whether he meant Khloé cursed the Cavs or Tristan alone, it wasn't clear, but he captioned his shot, "Issa Kardashian curse."

Even though he didn't tag Khloé, she still managed to find this person's account and call him out in the comments. He has since put his Instagram page on private. "Corny a–! You went to a playoff game, but were on your phone for almost all of the four quarters," she said. "Thirsty as f–k trying to get a picture of me. Dude…watch the game! We were all talking about how crazy you looked at a game acting like that."

You go, Koko! Clearly, the new mommy is not taking anyone's sh-t.

Although she might be going through a rough time right now with Tristan after he was caught cheating on her with multiple women throughout her pregnancy, it doesn't seem like she's down with fans trying to take jabs at her personal life. Maybe next time this guy will think twice about sneaking a pic of Khloé — just because she was wearing sunglasses doesn't mean she didn't know what was going on!