Old habits die hard! Khloé Kardashian was devasted after learning her baby daddy Tristan Thompson cheated on her just one day before giving birth, but apparently now she's totally ready to move forward, both emotionally and sexually. A source tells Life & Style exclusively that KoKo is sleeping with Tristan once again, and she's hoping for drastic improvements in both their relationship and Tristan's basketball records!

“Khloé finally gave in and is having sex with Tristan again," she insider revealed. "She forgives him for cheating but also wants him to play better basketball in these playoffs and thought some sexual healing would help." To be honest, we saw this coming. Though Khloé was originally considering raising True Thompson without her beau, we've recently spotted the couple out grabbing lunch and going to the movies, and Khloé has been working out with one of Tristan's besties. So yeah, sooner or later they were going to get intimate again.

Luckily, it sounds like Tristan isn't taking her for granted anymore. "He’s very, very appreciative," said the pal. "Khloé had him on punishment for the past month, making him pay for his mistakes. Khloé now wants him to know what he’s missed and what he can’t get with his ex side chick Lani or any other woman.” You go girl!

For her part, Lani wanted Khloé to feel comfortable moving forward with her relationship, and called to apologize. Khloé was totally not into it, but at least she knows that things are over with Tristan and Lani. Or are they? On May 18 a source revealed that Lani is still talking to Tristan and planning to attend his upcoming basketball game, but only as a supportive friend. All we're saying it, keep your eyes open, KoKo.