She’s positively radiant! While this isn’t the first time fans have gotten a glimpse of Kenya Moore’s booming baby bump, it’s definitely the best. Why? Because not only does the picture give us an update on the 47-year-old’s pregnancy journey, but it also serves as a mini Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

That’s right, Kenya’s fellow Bravo co-star Kandi Burruss is in the picture, too! "Love seeing my Sister @kandi rushing to make my flight! #BabyDaly can't wait to meet you! #momtobe #love #friends #family#ThatsMrsDalyToYou #babytwirl," she wrote. Check out the video above to see the exciting snapshot.

We’re so happy to see Kenya thriving in her pregnancy. After all, it hasn’t been an easy ride for her. For starters, when the reality star announced she was having a baby back in April, people thought she was faking it — just like she allegedly "faked" her marriage to Marc Daly. Naturally, Kenya shut that down real fast.

Even still, the Atlanta native continues to face backlash! On June 9, Kenya shared a picture of herself working out with the caption,"Trying to stay fit for the baby!" While many fans flooded the comments gushing over how great pregnancy looks on Kenya, others weren't so nice. "Girl [you] better chill out and be careful with all that exercising… you barely [could] get pregnant [with] high risk at your age… [You] barely got that baby," one fan wrote, while others begged her not to excercise during her pregnancy. "Please take it easy, you can always exercise after," one fan wrote.

Here’s hoping she can carry out the rest of her pregnancy in peace! Remember, ladies, mom-shaming isn’t cool.