Ever since Kylie Jenner, Kim Kadashian, and Khloé Kardashian played cat-and-mouse with the media about their triple pregnancies, fans have been skeptical about the whole thing. They had all kinds of conspiracy theories back then, from suspecting Kylie was Kim's surrogate to thinking Kris Jenner planned the whole thing. However, now that Kylie has given birth to a daughter, Stormi Webster, most of us have now realized that most of those beliefs were just flat-out wrong. But the skeptics still aren't through! They have new theories about Khloé's pregnancy (who, by the way, is about to pop any minute now) that might make you pull out the ol' tinfoil hat. Watch the video above to see their latest assumptions about the soon-to-be birth.

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In late 2017, the Kardashian sisters all accomplished something that was unprecedented in entertainment circles — they all got pregnant at the same time. The Internet went wild, and the start of "conspiracy theories" surrounding the births truly began to take off. Many fans believed the sisters were faking the pregnancies for publicity, while others thought the whole thing was just an elaborate Calvin Klein ad. But after Kim's daughter, Chicago West, was born, and Stormi followed soon after that, fans realized that the sisters were not a part of some mastermind pregnancy pact. However, there were receipts that proved the family might have had ulterior motives. Blind Gossp predicted way back in 2014 that a certain "TV maven" had the perfect idea to boost ratings for their TV show.

"In the never-ending quest for ratings and attention, this TV maven is trying to get the cast on this show excited about a new story line: Three of the women on the show… all pregnant… at the same time," the article stated. "No, it does not matter what the fathers of those potential babies think. What matters is the attention these three women would get! Just think of the photo ops! The daily gossip updates! The reality show ratings! The endorsements!"

Hmm, it certainly makes you think.