Whoa, mama! Khloé Kardashian was thrilled to announce her new line of Good American maternity jeans called Good Mama on March 15, and she did it with a bump-bearing Instagram pic. Unfortunately, the jeans and her bump were all but eclipsed by her massive behind!

"My gawd these girls behinds are twice as prego as their bellies," wrote one commenter. "Her butt is bigger than her stomach lmao," said another. We must admit, Khlo's butt is particularly noticable in the stretchy pants and it's pretty hard to ignore. This lead to several hilarious puns. "When your booty bump is bigger than your baby bump," said one fan, and another chimed in with, "Bun VS. Buns."

The comments were all in good fun, but another commenter did notice something odd. "Why would they Photoshop her belly… look at her arm," said a fan. It looks like Khloé's arm is warped in front of her tummy, giving the effect that she badly Photoshopped her bump to look bigger. Perhaps it was early in the pregnancy when she did the shoot and they wanted to accentuate it. However, upon closer look, it seems like the warped line could actually be her bump's shadow on the background. In our humble opinion, Khlo-money is innocent until proven guilty!

While her bum was pretty distracting, some fans were still able to soak up the fact that Khloé did the impossible and made jeans you can wear comfortably when you're pregnant… that are still actually cute! "Wish these were around when I was pregnant!!" wrote one thrilled fan. "Ordering 2 pairs for when we go out to eat ?," teased another. Not a bad idea!