You know what's funny? The fact that Khloé Kardashian claims she lost so much weight by eating healthy and exercising, yet her butt has somehow grown even bigger than it ever was.

How is it that her entire body has slimmed down but her backside had the opposite effect? Weird…

The 30-year-old posed for a gym selfie and naturally turned to the side to show off her larger-than-life booty.

khloe kardashian

Much like Kylie Jenner's perky derriere, KoKo's butt seems to have grown overnight and we're all just supposed to act like it's totally normal. Sorry, but nothing's normal about your butt virtually tripling in size. Especially when you're LOSING weight. Shall we blame this on "puberty"?

khloe kardashian butt

2006 vs. 2015. The butt growth is undeniable.

Think you're a Kardashian butt expert? Click through and test your knowledge. Can you match the sister to the tush?