Uh-oh — it looks like Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are having even more trouble than we thought. In addition to all of their past infidelity issues — including that most famous affair with Lani Blair — the famous couple now are having problems when it comes to what they decide to share on social media. Though sources previously reported that Khloé was scared of Tristan cheating again, and was doing pretty much everything in her power to be the “cool girl” who didn’t put any pressure on their lives, they’re now butting heads when it comes to social media. And we seriously doubt that Koko is about to back down.

“Tristan can’t stand the fact that Khloé shares so much personal stuff online and is always posting pictures of True,” a Kardashian source revealed to Radar. “Tristan is trying to get Khloé to cut back on her posts and stop using her phone altogether after they put True to bed at night, but Khloé only listens to him if she feels like it.”

Is anybody else suddenly sweating the idea that we won’t get anymore of those adorable pictures and videos of baby True? We couldn’t stand it if we never got to see Khloé singing to her daughter ever again — which, by the way, was a video from Tristan’s Snapchat just in case he needs a reminder that he’s been guilty of social media sharing, too. And while cutting down on the pictures shared doesn’t mean that Koko and her man would share no pictures, we need all of the ones we can get, okay? 

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like Khloé is planning on listening anytime soon — about Instagram or other social media platforms. Apparently, Twitter’s been an issue for the couple, too. “Tristan hates Twitter and it drives him crazy that Khloé is constantly glued to her phone and replying to tweets from fans,” the source continued. “She says it’s just a part of her job and it’s important to interact with the fans, but a lot of times she’s only paying attention to her notifications when they’re having dinner together.” 

Look, we get how this could be annoying IRL — but don’t take it out on us, the people who love and give likes to all these Instagram and Twitter posts, okay? We’re obsessed with all things Kardashian content, and we need it to keep on comin’.