Fans thought it was pretty ironic that Khloé Kardashian named her baby True Thompson after news of Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal broke, but it turns out the new mom had her daughter's name picked out way before the scandal went viral. “True had already been picked for a while,” a source told Us Weekly. “She went into labor not even knowing the full scope of the cheating, so the option of changing her name wasn’t even brought up. It’s too much for one person to deal with during the crazy time.”

“A lot of people thought she’d change the name and were waiting to send her gifts,” the source continued. “Everything that Khloé bought during her pregnancy was already monogrammed True.”

At the time, people assumed the Revenge Body star named her daughter True to prove her loyalty to Tristan, considering her friends, fans, and family members were horrified by his behavior. Before giving birth, the 33-year-old said she wanted the baby’s moniker to start with a T to pay tribute to her baby daddy. “If it’s a boy, I’ll go with Junior…Tristan Junior,” she told Ellen DeGeneres back in January. “And then for a girl, I don’t even know where to begin.” Fans were obviously shocked and upset to learn that Khloé not only gave her baby a T name, but also gave her daughter Tristan’s last name, too.

“But did Khloé Kardashian really just name her child True Thompson, IDK if I’m more disappointed in the first or last name,” one user wrote on Twitter. “First of all, True? When her dad cheated WHILE baby girl was in the womb? NOPE. But second of all, you’re a KARDASHIAN. That name is TRADEMARKED. And you give her the last name Thompson? THOMPSON?! BYE,” another said.

Regardless of how people feel about the name, fans will have to get used to Tristan being in the picture since Khloé is determined to make their relationship work. “Friends can’t believe she would consider giving him a second chance, let alone marry him,” a source told In Touch. “Khloé never learns from her mistakes. She forgave Lamar [Odom] for cheating, and now she’s doing the same thing with Tristan. She thinks marriage will be the answer to their problems, even though it’s clear she can never trust him again.”