If you got it, flaunt it, right? Well, yes, but perhaps not in the kitchen. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Aug. 2 to show off her baking skills but instead of donning a cute apron, or any clothes really, she wore a sheer, grey underwear set. TBH, it could have also been a bathing suit — but who can tell the difference these days? 

Of course, as with anything the mother-of-three wears, fans had something to say about Kim’s questionable culinary stylings. “Who cooks in thongs?” one hater commented. “Kim, come on. Nobody should bake in their underwear. Think about the burns!” added another. Erm, that is a good point. Imagine the contestants on Iron Chef rocking an outfit like that. 

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One fan, on the other hand, had some very particular sanitary concerns: “Girl, don’t get no pubes in the batter,” they warned. BRB… we’re going to erase the image of pubic hair brownies now. OK, back. Despite the hate, a few select people chose to focus on Kim’s killer figure, rather than shame the KUWTK star for being in her skivvies. “Girl, you look good! Body goals,” one fan wrote. “Baking a cake and lookin’ like a snack! Makes sense to me,” added another. 

To be fair, Kim’s body does look unreal as of late. In fact, the KKW Beauty mogul admitted via Instagram stories on July 29 that she’s down to 119 pounds (possibly less when she takes her hair extensions out). As always, Kim’s sisters were there to gas her up.  Khloé Kardashian gushed over her body, “I’ve never seen a human being look as good as you — you are a walking Facetune doll.”

A walking Facetune doll who bakes, no less! Keep doing you, Kimmy — maybe just throw some pants on when you’re near an oven… that’s all.