She’s got her back! Khloé Kardashian defended Kim Kardashian to the fullest after fans accused the reality star of making “homophobic” remarks amid her feud with Tyson Beckford. Khloé said she was with Kim when the drama went down, and she’s tired of people pointing fingers at her sister.

“What I hate is that people are saying that she is homophobic for that, but no one is saying that we shouldn’t also body shame women,” Khloé told Extra on Aug. 2. “I don’t know if people are saying that about him, but I just know people are attacking Kim about being homophobic. She is anything but.” The Revenge Body star said she was asked not to intervene in their social media dispute, because that “would have made it worse.”

This situation is a doozy… to say the least. On July 31, Kim clapped back at Tyson for outright body-shaming her. “She is not real, doctor f—ed up on her right hip,” the 47-year-old model commented on a recent picture of Kim showing off her 119-pound figure. “Sorry, I don’t care for it personally,” Tyson added. You can check out the picture that sparked all the controversy below. 


Were Tyson’s comments justified by any means? No way. Body-shaming is so not cool but as it turns out, the Internet is taking equal issue with Kim’s response. “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” the KKW Beauty mogul replied — including a tea, frog, and manicured nails emoji. 

Now, being that it’s 2018, it didn’t take long for fans to decode Kim’s reply. Within minutes, fans came to the conclusion that Kim was seemingly insinuating that Tyson is gay. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen. That said, many have labeled her clapback as homophobic. 


“[Kim’s] response wasn’t even a clapback. It was a homophobic slur because her blockhead brain is ignorant AF. I think she’s jealous because Tyson Beckford is prettier than she is,” one user commented angrily. “So she wins for being homophobic?” added another. There were a few fans who jumped to Kim’s defense, citing that she was “unjustly provoked” but the general consensus was that potentially outing someone as a homosexual on social media can’t be justified. 

While Kim has yet to deliver any kind of follow-up statement, Tyson took to Instagram a few hours following the incident to explain his stance. “My opinion on women who do plastic surgery stays the same, not for me! I personally don’t care for it! End of story.” Tyson also wrote that he’s “not gay,” on Aug. 2, but “supports the LGBTQ” community.

Well, there you have it, ladies and gents. Here’s hoping that both parties involved can avoid being crummy on the Internet from here on out (it’s unlikely, but hey, nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking).