Another day, another snapshot of North West looking utterly displeased to be spending time with her family. On Nov. 8, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a new picture of herself and her three beautiful children. At the time, she captioned the post “my babies.” Fast forward a couple of hours later, however, and it now reads: “North is always in a mood.”

P.S. Kiki’s five-year-old daughter is seemingly wearing $300 Gucci flip flips… let that sink in. 

Anyways, what prompted the caption change? Well, as it happens, the ever-sassy North looks so “pissed” in the pic that Kim’s loyal 120 million followers couldn’t help but point it out. By “point it out,” of course, we mean literally thousands and thousands of people commented on it.

North Pissed Caption 1

Here are a few of our favorites! “North is so Kanye,” one user wrote of Nori’s overwhelming resemblance to her dad. “Who pissed off North?” added another with two laughing emojis. “I am North West in, like, all of my family’s photos,” someone chimed in with the hashtag “annoyed for some reason.”

All jokes aside, why does North always look so mad? We have one theory and TBH, it’s pretty solid! Basically, Northie started out as the Queen Bee of her family. Now, she’s forced to share her kingdom with Chicago, 9 months, and Saint, 2.

Even worse, Saint is a boy! If the Kardashian-Wests kick it like the monarchs do, then he’s the sole heir to their empire — for now, anyway! Frankly, we don’t blame North for being a little peeved.

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North is always a mood 😂

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Here’s hoping that as she gets older, she’ll grow more accustomed to sharing her mother’s love, affection, and money. Then again, let’s be real: That ain’t happening.

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