Considering the fact that it’s pretty much already halfway through December, we’d started to accept that we’re just not getting a Kardashian family Christmas card this year. Amid rumors that the Kardashians were all feuding ahead of the holidays, it just didn’t seem likely. And then when Kim Kardashian tweeted that a fan was “reading [her] mind” after they predicted that the fam would skip a card considering all the KUWTK drama from last year, we took that as confirmation. But now, it seems like the star may have a surprise up her sleeve — for her fam and for her fans.

“Ok I have all of my sisters and my mom on set!” she tweeted on Thursday, Dec. 13. “I’m trying to surprise them with a Christmas Card shoot but just thought of this idea and Kanye is out of town! What do I do????”

She opened up about the idea even more on her Instagram Story. “So guys, we’re on set today, and I’m here with all my sisters and my mom,” she admitted. “Do you think I should pop up on them with a photographer our family Christmas card? I think I can get this done!” She seemed to have really thought through the idea — but she just wasn’t sure if it was what fans wanted. “Alright, so, I can maybe pull this off in about an hour,” she added, “but do we want a sister-mom Christmas card? Or do we want all the kids in it? I mean, I can try to get the kids here and surprise everyone… What do I do, guys? Christmas card today?”

Kim Kardashian In Gold Dress Posting Instagram Story From Photoshoot Set

She also gave fans a peek at her glittery gold outfit — and sister Khloé Kardashian in the background — before she continued whispering to the camera about whether or not she should give Kardashian fans the ultimate holiday gift. “Alright, guys so… Should I get them to try to do a Christmas card today?” she asked again. She even ran a poll to try and get an idea of what her fans wanted. “Shall I force the family to shoot a Christmas card today?” she asked on a picture of herself, Koko, and mom Kris Jenner. As for the options, she kept them simple: Yes or No.

Kim Kardashian Shares Instagram Poll For Christmas Card Photoshoot

We don’t know about you, but we’re absolutely smashing that “Yes” button. It’s just not Christmas without a Kardashian family card!