Everyone’s got that friend who gives it to you straight when it comes to style. For actress La La Anthony, that friend is her longtime BFF Kim Kardashian. La La and Kim have been close pals for a number of years now, and when La La recently sat down with Life & Style exclusively, she let us in on exactly how close the dynamic duo actually are. Spoiler alert: you DON’T dish on style with just anyone, y’all!

It’s no surprise that with a long-standing friendship like the one Kim and La La have, you’re bound to ask your BFF for a bit of advice over the years. “All the time, it’s like ‘What do you think of this, what do you think of that,’ as friends, you know, do. And she’s an amazing friend. She offers great advice, style tips,” La La revealed about her relationship with Kim.

kim kardashian lala anthony friendship
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“The other day, yesterday, I was sending her pictures of this leather jacket I had in my closet. I’m like, ‘Should I get rid of this already, or should I keep it?’ She’s like ‘It’s kind of out, but you might want to keep it, might come back around.’ You know, funny girl stuff we all do. I’m like ‘I’m getting rid of it, I’ve got too much s—t in my closet as it is!’ You know, those kind of things,” she laughed with Life & Style about her and Kim’s BFF banter.

On top of the wealth of style advice these two fashionistas share, La La was also candid about how Kim has been a “rock” for her over the years. “We’re always that to each other and I think you’re always gonna be that to your friends, you’re always gonna offer support.” We love that these two strong women have each other’s backs! Talk about some serious girl power.

Ultimately, these two powerhouse ladies aren’t going to let anything (even an out-of-season leather jacket) come between them, and we seriously love the strength in this friendship. “We’re friends. We’re always there for each other no matter what,” La La said, and we can tell she seriously means it.

La La currently has a partnership with Lysol.