There's a lot of power in taking control and owning your body image! La La Anthony has always been a fashion icon, and her body confidence is what allows her to proudly flaunt her curves in her own brand of sexy street style. The TV personality chatted with Life & Style about how she stays fit while attending NFL's Friendsgiving Dinner at Society Café in NYC last week.

"I work out at the Dog Pound, the gym in Tribeca. I've been working out there for a long time. I'm really big into cryotherapy. That I'm huge on. I just love doing cryo. It's three minutes, so it doesn't take a lot of time, and it's super cold obviously. You freeze your a– off, but I just feel so much better when I do it," she explained of staying in shape around the holiday season.

"That's kind of my regimen, working out and cryo — and I just kind of feel like during the holidays people have to find that balance. I don't think you should not eat sweets or don't have fun. What kind of holiday is that? You just have to balance it out, so maybe go a little bit harder leading up to the holidays so when the holidays come you can eat what you want, drink what you want, maybe have one cookie and not 10, or one piece of cake and not a bunch — but still enjoy the holidays. They only come around once a year."

The Power star was certainly thrilled to be part of the NFL's exciting Homegating campaign. "I'm a huge sports fan, so is my son — my best friend is Ciara, she's married to Russell Wilson who is the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, so we've been rocking with this NFL thing for awhile now, and even before that. My dad is a huge Giants fan, my son loves Odell Beckham, Jr., he's obsessed with Odell — he dyed his hair blonde because of Odell, Odell knows that too. So, I thought it was great and you know, it's a tradition during the holidays to watch football games, so why not do the homegating thing when you can't go to the games and bring the excitement and all that into your home?" La La stated.

"That's what the NFL is doing with the apparel and the house ware stuff — whether it's plates or mugs and for my son, bringing that stuff into the home just makes it more fun for the holidays, whether it's wearing your T-shirt or your cup — it's just, to me, ups the vibe and all of this stuff is available on, and that's what it is. I'm all about a good party or good fun with your family, and I think by incorporating the NFL and homegating into your home, you just kind of up the vibe."

Speaking of her Starz series, the former MTV personality previously opened up about what it's like to pose nude for some of her scenes. "Every minute of every day when I had to do it I had reservations. I’m a female. That’s my body and everyone is critical of that," the mother-of-one shared back in September while launching her denim line — the La La Anthony Denim Collection — for Lord & Taylor.

"That is definitely not the easiest thing I had to do but I had to separate La La from the character and understand what was happening with my character's relationship, as crazy as the relationship was with another character on the show, and kind of take myself out of it and do what was happening at LaKeisha’s life at that time."