When it comes to weight loss, extreme diets do more harm than good. On the latest episode of Adam Ruins Everything, Adam Conover explained why dropping pounds fast actually makes it harder to stay thin in the long wrong.

The comic breaks all our weight loss misconceptions down on the truTV series and reveals that you're more likely to gain the weight back when following a rapid weight loss regime. Dr. Kevin Hall studied 14 contestants from The Biggest Loser and found that 80 percent had gained back the weight they lost on the reality show. Plus, the contestants had slowed their metabolism by several hundred calories per day.

"When you go on one of these extreme diet and exercise programs, your body doesn't have enough food energy available so it does burn body fat," the senior investigator at the National Institutes of Health explained. "Unfortunately, the body soon lowers its metabolism to offset that energy deficit, and that means that you'd have to keep exercising and dieting at this extreme rate just to maintain the weight loss."

So, in a nutshell, losing weight fast makes it harder to stay thin. Great…

Adam also disproved the myth that cutting fat from your diet helps with weight loss. Fun fact: sugar is linked to both heart disease and weight gain — so those low-fat snacks are pretty much useless. However, there is good news.

"Weight isn't directly connected to health," Adam said. "If you can make small changes toward a more happy and healthy lifestyle, that's great and something to be proud of. It's such a shame that we let our obsession with this number make all of us feel like crap about ourselves."