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Wendy Williams Sees Herself as the New Pamela Anderson Following Weight Loss


How you doin’? Wendy Williams‘ 50-pound weight loss has made her feel like a brand new woman — and she recently stepped out at the beach to show off her hard work. Wearing a black bikini, the talk show host looked slimmer than ever while on vacation in Barbados.

And though she’s faced some backlash over her changing look, Wendy couldn’t be happier with her new figure, according to In Touch. “She’s proud of her body and sees herself as Pamela Anderson,” a friend told the mag. Though she’s changed a lot, there is one thing that Wendy refuses to touch — her breast implants!

After shedding those pounds, her breasts look bigger than ever, but she loves it. “It’s like a cartoon!” she said. Her friends, on the other hand, wish she would tone it down a bit. “She looks like she’s about to topple over,” a pal said. “She’s gone way too far!”

But Internet trolls haven’t been kind to the 53-year-old, who’s famous for criticizing celebs on her popular show, The Wendy Williams Show. Even rapper T.I. called out Wendy on his Instagram page. “I’m gon be respectful because regardless of her flaws she’s still an independent black business woman that’s had to fight her way through life to get where she is,” he wrote. “JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE SHE JUDGES DAILY!!!”

The mother-of-one eventually interrupted her tropical getaway to defend herself against the online bullying. “You’re gonna live in a glass house…I’ll see you Monday and oh yes, I will talk about my beach body. P.S. I never go in the water without a few floatation devices,” she wrote.

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Wendy in 2011 vs. 2016.

Wendy, who revealed in October 2015 that she’d lost the weight over a span of three years, told E! News that she’s managed to keep it off by changing up her diet. “I did it on my own and I love it because I no longer have to do that fight with clothing. ‘Wah, wah, wah, I don’t wanna wear sleeveless … does this make my butt look big?’” she shared. “Those things get in the way of being a good host for the people.”

She continued, “This is as good as it’s going to get. I’m not gonna fight my body anymore, I’ve lost the weight, I feel fantastic.” Her transformation came after she implemented new eating habits. “I have a variety of breakfasts. Like this morning, I had a sausage, egg, and cheese — everything from the vegan spot,” she stated. “I like it with a little bit of maple syrup and some hot sauce, so you get the savory-sweet. That’s what I had this morning. But sometimes I’ll have a bunch of fruit… there’s always a green juice in the morning.”

She added, “I’ve learned to be extremely healthy regarding morning eating. I was doing it all wrong before.” And Wendy now follows a pescatarian diet, which means fish is the only animal she’ll eat. “I don’t miss it,” she said about red meat. “Sometimes, I miss the texture.”

The brunette beauty previously revealed that she’d been dieting for years. “My first diet was in the first grade! Tuna fish and mustard with yogurt on the side. Weight was a big thing for me to overcome,” she told People magazine. Scroll through the gallery below for a look back at some of the most impressive celebrity weight loss transformations!