Who would ever suggest that Kim Kardashian needs more money? But, as long as the reality star turned businesswoman creates products for her fans, her fortune will continue to increase. The 37-year-old beauty mogul recently released her new line of perfumes including fragrances crystal gardenia, crystal gardenia oud, and crystal gardenia citrus. According to TMZ, the star already made $10 million in only one day. Watch the video below to see how much Kim is expected to gross!

“I went back to what I love the most, which is gardenia and white florals,” Kim told Allure. “It really does remind me of my first signature fragrance. That was always really special to me, and that was heavy in white florals.”

These fragrances are Kim’s babies through and through. She didn’t just plaster her name on the bottle for marketing purposes — she was there for the invention, creation, and execution of the perfumes. “I had been traveling to the Middle East a lot and I noticed they use this particular oud scent, which I really loved. I wanted to find it mixed with gardenia, and I couldn’t when I was out there,” she continued. “I wanted to make a scent that was just for the Middle East. [One] that had oud in it, that really translated to what my friends [living there] would like.”

Of course, this new launch comes just in time for the holidays. And what better gift to get a special woman in your life? Whether it’s your bestie, daughter, mother, or boss — we’re sure they’d love to smell just as fresh as Kim! The perfumes are available online and the 30ML bottle costs $35 and the 75ML bottle costs $60. And the best part is the beautiful bottles are all shaped like real crystals.

“I’d go to these crystal warehouses downtown,” she added. “I know being in LA, a lot of people are really into crystals, but I thought there was such great meaning and powerful energy behind them, wanting to just be calm. Then I thought, okay, well I want a really calm scent, and I just started with gardenia. [I thought,] ‘What makes me the most happy?’ And that was the white florals.”