This past weekend, Kim Kardashian celebrated baby No. 3’s impending arrival with a gorgeous shower at her Bel Air mansion. But hubby Kanye West was nowhere in sight.

As Life & Style exclusively revealed, the reality star is preparing to file for divorce from the rapper after months of marital problems. “They recently had a blowout fight about him spending all his time in the recording studio,” a source shares. “There are days she doesn’t even see him, and he’s not out of the country or even the state — he’s in LA!”

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Kim had hoped things would get better after the 40-year-old’s hospitalization last November following a breakdown, but they haven’t. “Kanye thinks he’s being spied on,” says the source. “[He] will go days without talking to her. He’s hot and he’s cold. Even their sex life isn’t what it used to be.”

Another major stress for the duo has been the never-ending renovation of their $20 million Hidden Hills home. Since purchasing the house in 2014, “They have easily gone through at least $45 million just in construction costs,” an insider says. “Kanye is constantly changing the design, preventing them from moving in.”

Unfortunately, the upcoming birth of their baby girl isn’t enough to bond the couple. “[Kim] feels like she’s tried everything. She’s tired and she’s done with this marriage,” says the first source. “Kanye makes it very difficult for her. She loves being a mother, but she wants it all, and Kanye can’t give that to her.”

The mogul — whose net worth is an estimated $175 million — still finds her future as a single mother “incredibly daunting,” but she has her large family to lean on. “Kim knows her mom, Kris [Jenner], and sister Kourtney will be there to help her pick up the pieces when Kanye is gone.”