BUSTEDKim Kardashian Caught Photoshopping an Image of Her and Kanye!

We all know the Kardashians doctor their photos before posting them to social media, whether that means some clever filter action or the actual use of Photoshop. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Kim Kardashian was caught “sprucing” up an image!

A member of the 35-year-old’s team accidentally uploaded an unretouched photo of the pregnant star and hubby Kanye West from Kendall Jenner‘s 20th birthday party before swapping it out with a clearly Photoshopped version.

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kim kardashian

The original photo of Kim and Kanye.

While the changes are subtle, it’s clear that Kim’s stray hairs from her ponytail have been cleared up and that her jawline has been firmed.

kim kardashian

The Photoshopped version.

If you’re having trouble seeing the difference, take a look at this handy GIF comparing the before and after images that originally appeared on People.

Scroll down for more instances of Kardashian photo trickery!