Keep the tea coming! Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Vogue India looking flawless as usual. However, it’s the shade from the KUWTK star that has fans buzzing. Kim took the time to share what she hates most about each of her siblings — and she did not hold back.

In her defense, she does start off by listing the traits she loves about her family, including Rob Kardashian‘s sense of humor, Khloé Kardashian‘s “I-don’tgive-a-f–k attitude,” and Kendall Jenner‘s sweetness. Then things quickly go left.

“Maybe… Kourtney [Kardashian]’s stubbornness. And Khloé’s getting too sensitive,” she told the magazine of her siblings’ flaws. “I would take away Kendall’s anxiety, Kylie’s ‘I don’t care, I know what I’m doing’ thing and probably my brother’s moodiness.” The only family member exempt from Kim’s critique was momager Kris Jenner, who the reality star deemed “perfect.”

Pettiness aside, this is the seventh time Kim has graced a Vogue cover and she revealed she hoped to return to the Asian country with cameras. “The saris, the jewelry, the clothes — everything was so beautiful,” she added. “I told my show that we have to figure out how to get to India.” This does not mean everyone was happy to see Kim on the cover. She did receive some backlash after fans called out the magazine for not featuring an Indian beauty.

Last year, her sister Kendall faced similar criticism and Vogue India defended it’s decision to feature the model. “In the last 10 years, Vogue India has had only 12 international covers, including Kendall Jenner in 2017,” the magazine said in a statement. “Therefore, statistically, 90% of our covers are Indian! And we are proud of that. India has given the world so many beautiful faces to admire. After all, we are Vogue, an international brand, and we want to give the love back by featuring some of the best international celebrities on our covers. Occasionally!”

In more important news, Kim also just shared the first photo of Chicago West on her Instagram page — and fans were freaking out. “Wow! She is your twin,” one fan wrote before another added, “Two beauties… baby Chicago is her mommy’s twin.” Kim just keeps winning.