If you miss the old, pre-lip-injection Kylie Jenner, you're in luck! Lauren Burnham brought Arie Luyendyk Jr. home to meet her family on The Bachelor, and fans were immediately shocked by how much her sister Heather looks like a young Kylie! Watch the video above to see the striking resemblance.

The similarities between the makeup maven circa 2010 and Lauren's sister really are impossible to ignore. Side-by-side, the two have identical eyes, eyebrow shapes, noses, jawlines and thin lips. However, Heather looks nothing like Kylie does now, after getting lip injections and who knows what else. So in a way, looking at Heather gives Kardashian fans a rare chance to see what Kylie might look like as an adult if she never got work done.

This season of The Bachelor has been rife with Kardashian connections. First of all, the stunning Marikh was a dead-ringer for Kim Kardashian. She may not have lasted too long, but there's no denying she looks just like the mom-of-three. Then there's the shocking fact that fellow finalist Kendall Long has a twin sister named… wait for it… Kylie!

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I’m not HORSING around…I SEA something happening here. It apPIERS to me that this BEACH likes you😉

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As far as Lauren's sister goes, we didn't hear much from her on the hometown date. The peak of her appearance was the cringe she gave during an awkward silence at dinner. Hopefully she's easier to get along with than the rest of Lauren's family, who were definitely tough on Arie when he met them. He was eventually able to convert her dad into a believer (after talking about his volunteer work with the troops) but her mom never seemed quite convinced. Hopefully Lauren's sister is an undercover cheerleader! If you can't wait to see who Arie picks, check out the spoilers here, and don't miss out on this juicy cheating scandal!

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