In the words of Monica Geller — it just got interesting! This season of The Bachelor has been, for lack fo a better word, boring AF. Of course, then some spoilers for the rest of the season came out (seriously, do not click that link or keep reading unless you want to know how the season ends!), and — just like that — we were all hooked again!

For those of you who haven’t been spoiled yet, allow us to do the honors; according to Reality Steve, Arie ended the season by getting down on one knee and proposing to the one and only Becca K.. Then — for reasons that remain to be seen — Arie decided to call it quits with his fiancée, and opted to get back together with his runner-up, Lauren B.. Naturally, fans have tried their hardest to come up with a realistic theory that would explain why Arie pulled off such a heartbreaking bait-and-switch — and it looked like fans over on the Bachelor subreddit have finally nabbed a theory that could, plausibly, explain it!

According to the amateur conspiracy theorists, Arie went back to Lauren B. because she’s secretly pregnant with his baby, whom they conceived in the Fantasy Suite. We know what you’re thinking — this is the kind of messy drama that sounds too good to be true. We thought it too! Fortunately, the loyal members of Bachelor Nation brought receipts that make their theory all the more plausible.

Not only do the timelines make sense (the Fantasy Suite was filmed in mid/late November, meaning she’ll be out of the first trimester by the time they go public with their relationship for After the Final Rose), but the most obvious piece of supporting evidence is how flippant Arie is about his current relationship. As fans have noted, Arie has taken pretty well to the fact that he seemingly broke someone’s heart for no good reason, and the idea of a baby would be a pretty legit reason to change your life, right?! Plus, people have tweets from Lauren B. indicating that she skipped out on a birthday party in mid-February, with some speculating that her “not feeling well” translates to “first trimester sickness.”

And, well, while we’re totally rooting for a Bachelor baby — because, let’s be honest with ourselves, we watch this show for the drama, not the happy endings — it turns out that we wouldn’t be alone in supporting this theory. A reddit user made a post asking what would have to happen for people to forgive Arie and accept his decision to ditch Becca for Lauren — and the comments were unanimous in saying that either Becca cheating (which doesn’t exactly fit into Caroline’s “I know what you did” narrative) or a little Lauren/Arie baby.

Well, there’s one thing we can confirm about this whole baby conspiracy theory: We’ll definitely be tuning in!

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