We all know the Kardashians call Los Angeles home, but if you’re wondering where exactly do they live, they’re all concentrated in one small part of the city. It’s a little odd, too. Just a few months ago, Kris Jenner made headlines when she bought a mansion right across the street from Kim and Kanye West. Fans thought it weird that the self-professed “momager” was so close to KimYe, but little did they know, the famous couple was already living near Kris — literally right down the street.

And Kylie isn’t far either. In fact, her two mansions are in the same neighborhood of Hidden Hills. She’s just a short five minutes away from her big sis and mom. And although she’s a self-made billionaire, she’s only 20 — so of course she would want to stick close to her family, right? But what’s Kourtney and Khloé‘s excuse? The two sisters live a short drive south in Calabasas and are literally just a few streets away from each other. We knew the Kar-Jenners were close but not this close.

Where do the Kardashians live now?

Since we’re visual learners, we decided to make a map to help better illustrate exactly how close the Kardashians are to one another. As you can see, with the exception of Rob and Kendall, they all live practically on top of each other! And as the family continues buying up properties, particularly in Hidden Hills, many residents are starting to fear an all-Kardashian neighborhood within a few years. And judging at the rate the family is multiplying, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched of an idea.

where do the kardashians live

In case you’re wondering why Kendall is missing, the model is by far the most independent of the family. She lives the farthest way in the exclusive gated Mulholland Estates community within Beverly Hills that’s located east of Calabasas. It’s so far we couldn’t even squeeze her on the map! As for Rob, he used to own a house in Calabasas not far from where Kourtney and Khloé live, but he sold it after his split from Blac Chyna. Last year he was living in one of Kylie’s houses in Hidden Hills, but he was later kicked out. We’re unsure where the 30-year-old is currently residing — if it’s anywhere outside of Hidden Hills, we’d be surprised! In fact, let’s take a closer look at all the properties the KarJenners have purchased in Hidden Hills.

Kim Kardashian’s House

kim kardashian hidden hills

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Kim and Kanye’s massive mansion was purchased in 2014 for $19 million. The couple lived in Kris’ house for years while the house underwent significant renovations, almost $20 million worth. They finally moved into the home in 2017. The 16,000-square-foot home includes two pools, a guest house, a gym, a steam room, and eight friggin’ fireplaces. Other properties that used to be in their resume include a Bel Air mansion, which they flipped and sold for $17.8 million, and a $3.6 million Beverly Hills house that Kim used to share with Kris Humphries. Remember him? Yeah, we don’t either.

Kris Jenner’s House

Right up the street is Kris who still lives in the famous house featured in so many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She bought the home in 2010 for $4 million and it has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. She also has a second $10 million home that’s even closer to daughter Kim that she plans to flip for a profit. Judging by the look of the place, we can’t imagine how she’ll be able to flip the property and make it “better.” It already looks impeccable!

Kylie Jenner’s House

kylie jenner house hidden hills

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But the “Queen of Hidden Hills” title still belongs to Kylie, who used to own four mansions but has cut it down to a modest two. Her first purchase was a starter home in Calabasas next to Khloé and Kourtney that she has since sold, along with one of her smaller Hidden Hills mansions. Kylie can’t seem to decide on which house she wants to call home. In fact, in 2017 she was renting a $125,000/month crash pad while still owning three other mansions. That house had five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a theater, a library, and a pool. In January 2018, it was reported that the youngest Jenner is now planning on building mansion No. 3, which will also be located in Hidden Hills (where else?).

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian’s Homes in Calabasas

kourtney khloe calabasas house

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For those who want to live far from mom but, you know, not too far, the neighborhood Calabasas is located just a short drive south of Venture Expressway where Kourtney and Khloé reside. Both sisters bought their mansions for $7 million each in 2014 and practically live on the same street. If you want to take a tour of Kourtney’s house, you’ll see it looks pretty similar to Khloé’s. The reason? In addition to sharing a neighborhood, the sisters also shared an interior designer Both also have six bedrooms and are 10,000 square-feet each. However, now that Khloé is dating Tristan Thompson and is pregnant, she spends most of her time in Cleveland, OH in his $1.9 million home.

But Where Do Rob Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Live?

kendall rob old house

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Rob also used to live in Calabasas but now is house-hunting for properties in Encino, which is far but not quite as far as Mulholland Estates where Kendall resides. Speaking of Kendall, she used to live in a West Hollywood mansion, but she sold it in 2016 after the home was broken into with more than $200,000 worth of jewelry stolen. Her current $8.55 million mansion, which has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, is located in a gated community that’s supposedly safer. If she doesn’t feel safe, perhaps she should consider moving closer to mom? It certainly hasn’t stopped her siblings.