It’s no secret that some reality stars love to go under the knife for increasingly more and more plastic surgery. What’s rare, though, is when they walk it back, but recently Kim Zolciak did just that. Feeling like her boobs were starting to just get too heavy and were weighing her down, the Real Housewives star decided a breast reduction might be the way to go. Previously, she’d had breast implants, but as the years went on she started to think she might not like them as much as she used to. 

“I have the largest implants they actually make, but it doesn’t look that big on my body, because of just the way I’m built,” she explained on her podcast over the summer. “I already called Dr. Hochstein, who did my boobs and tummy a few years ago — he did my hernia repair and my tummy tuck after that…and I said, ‘I feel like I should get my boobs reduced, they’re heavy, my posture is terrible, I’m getting older.'” 

So she pulled the trigger on that decision and got her implants switched out for a smaller pair. And, TBH, it looks like she’s pretty happy with that decision. She even posted a picture to her social media, showing off her recovery and writing, “Part of the itty bitty titty committee thanks to @dr.hochstein.”

kim zolciak's breast reduction recovery photo

Photo Credit: Instagram

While we wouldn’t say her reduction exactly gives her “itty bitty” titties, she’s definitely a lot smaller than she was before. “I’m thinking like a C, a full C,” Kim told fans on her Instagram story when talking about her plans for the procedure. Previously, she got her boobs done after having her kids. “I did breastfeed all of my kids, so ladies, let’s be honest, they were stretched out, loss of volume, pancake nipples,” she’s said on her Instagram story in the past. “So [my doctor] gave me back my 18-year-old chest, which was amazing.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been pretty open about all of her procedures, and has even talked a lot about what her body was like before she had any work done. “My boobs aren’t natural,” she told E! News in 2016. “I had great boobs until I breastfed Brielle and then they just shriveled up to B raisins.” That’s when she decided to get her first boob job. “If I chose a life of reality television, which is an open book, so I share with people what I’ve done,” she said. “There’s no secrets.”

That being said, we’re sure Kim will keep us looped in with the process as she continues to recover — and we’re excited to see how she looks once she’s all healed up and back on her feet.