KKW Beauty, aka Kim Kardashian’s makeup line, is releasing a contour kit TODAY (June 21) — and we are all geared up!

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So let’s answer some quick questions:

Where do you purchase your kit?

All kits can be bought at

What time can you get the contour kit?

9 a.m. PST or 12 p.m. EST.

How much does the contour kit cost?

The kits cost $48 each, according to Instagram.

What shades do they come in?

The options are light, medium, dark, and deep dark.

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What do they look like?

Kim took to her snapchat to swatch each of the colors on her assistant’s arm. Below you can see light:

And check out medium here, dark here, and deep dark here.

What does each kit come with?

From the samples on Snapchat, Kim revealed that there will be two double-sided créme contour sticks. On the highlight stick, there is a matte and a shimmer highlight. The other stick has one lighter contour and one deeper contour. A dual-ended brush also comes with the kit: on one side there is a brush with bristles, and on the other, a beauty blender.

How are you supposed to put them on?

Kim gave her followers a breakdown of how to apply her contour kit. Like any other method of contouring, you would put the highlight on the bridge of your nose, up to your forehead. Depending on the size of your forehead you will make a triangle shape. Then with the contour, you will outline your face, making the shape of a “3,” as Kim puts it, down onto your cheek bone and along your jaw line. A highlight can also be placed under your eyebrow.

Check out her demonstration below:

What do they look like on a person who isn’t Kim Kardashian?

Well, even though these ladies are still models, Kim did share photos of what each of the kits look like on an individual other than herself.

Considering how quickly sister Kylie Jenner’s lip kits sold out the first time around, expect there to be some competition in buying your first ever KKW Beauty Contour Kit!

May the odds be ever in your favor…