We’re doing a double take! While casually scrolling through my Instagram on my morning commute, I came across this lil gem of a photo: Kourtney Kardashian in bed with her baby daddy, Scott Disick! OK… so it’s not THAT scandalous, but still. Kourt isn’t exactly sitting there all bundled up…

“Coparenting,” she captioned the Dec. 5 snap, which looked more like the KUWTK star posing for a sexy snap while Scott did the parenting. But I digress.

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Naturally, fans quickly began commenting on the pic, including a couple of her sisters. While Khloé Kardashian wrote, “At its finest right huuuuurrrrrr,” little sis Kylie Jenner chimed in with an “Ohhh” along with a surprised face and heart eyes. Same, Kylie, same.

Although fans have been shipping the couple since their split, many actually found this pic to be “disrespectful” to Scott’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie. “I honestly find this so disrespectful to poor Sofia… grow up.” Another agreed, writing, “This is not co-parenting, this is blatant s—t stirring. I co-parent and I have an excellent relationship with the father of my child, but I’ll be damned if he is permitted in my bedroom still. Why? Because I respect not only myself but my relationship and his relationship, and it’s important for our child to see that we have clear set boundaries!” A third fumed, “You are almost 20 years older than Sofia Richie. You could be her mother. But yet you choose to taunt her with these kinds of pictures.” They added, “You are very immature and self-centered. You should be ashamed.” Ouch.

But they may have a point. Yesterday, Sof took to her Instagram Story to share a snap of her “dinner prep,” which she was most likely cooking for her man. Still, it doesn’t seem like the 20-year-old is letting the drama get to her. She recently posted a throwback photo with her “love,” seemingly marking her territory.

Hey Kourt, two can play at this game!

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