When you think about it this way, a bum tattoo sounds like a pretty good idea! Adrienne Bailon opened up about tattooing Rob Kardashian‘s name on her butt back when they were dating on The Real, and her reasoning for putting it on her booty is actually pretty surprising… and hilarious!

“You guys know that I got Rob’s name tattooed on my butt, in the past, it was not the wisest,” said Adrienne. It didn’t take long for co-host Tamera Mowry to ask what we were all thinking: “Why on the butt?!” Loni quickly chimed in with the answer: “So when he’s tapping it, he can see it!” The audience immediately started hooting and hollering.

“Hold on!” said Adrienne. “That part definitely played into it, you know there’s rap songs that were like, ’cause that… is mine.’ You know? So people did that, and that was like a cool thing to do.” But it turns out that she had a more logistical reason as well.

“I know this sounds crazy, but it actually was my idea to do it there, because in all honesty, I don’t love the look of tattoos on me,” she admitted. Damn, TBH that makes her getting one for Rob seem even more meaningful! “If you notice, it’s the only one that I ever got that’s in black ink. You couldn’t see it unless you were being intimate with me, which I liked.” “You gave him prime real estate though!” teased Jeannie Mai. “I sure did,” Adrienne admitted. Take a peek:


But it sounds like that real estate is back up for sale… kinda. “I’ve gotten it removed since then,” Adrienne explained, “but even now there are some remnants of it there. It almost looks like a bruise.” And if you’re wondering whether the tattoo has caused issues with dating, or bothers her now-husband Israel Houghton, don’t worry… “NOBODY CARES!”