Is there about to be a second baby daddy in Kourtney Kardashian‘s life? Not so fast. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reportedly thought she was pregnant with her 24-year-old boyfriend Younes Bendjima‘s child. The pair went public with their relationship last May when they were spotted celebrating his birthday, and were later caught cozying up together during the Cannes Film Festival. While they might be one seriously hot couple right now, the oldest Kardashian doesn’t appear to be expecting her fourth child.

A source told Hollywood Life, “She was afraid to tell Younes [about the baby] because she did not know how he would react. He comes from a strict family who would insist he get married right away and Kourtney is not sure she is ready for that. Ultimately it was a false alarm and she told Younes after she figured out what was going on with her body. They were both a little sad and relieved at the same time.”


Of course, Kourtney is already a mom to three kids — Mason, 8, Penelope, 5, and Reign, 3 — with her ex Scott Disick, who she’s had an incredibly tumultuous relationship with. Now, she’s reportedly having fun making him jealous after the pregnancy scare. “She teased him about being possibly pregnant with Younes’ baby and he completely lost it,” the source added.

The playful back and forth didn’t go over too well with the party boy. “Scott became furious when he heard the news and he did not want to believe it. Scott is dead set on having continuity with all of his children so it really bothered him that Kourtney would introduce a different father into the chain of siblings,” the source said. “Kourtney enjoyed torturing Scott with the news for a few days, letting him freak out about the news before letting him off the hook with the information that it was all a false alarm.”

But for now, Kourt and her hot AF boyfriend will most likely stick to traveling the world on wildly romantic vacations. The diaper duty torch is officially being passed down to her sisters.