Considering Chrissy Teigen is basically a professional chef, it’s no wonder everyone wants to learn from her — including Kris Jenner. The 64-year-old took to Instagram to roast the 34-year-old Cravings author for going over and refusing to give her cooking lessons.

“So you guys know how I’ve been asking Chrissy to teach me how to cook and she came over for dinner tonight, and I thought she would teach me something — like an appetizer, dessert — and there she is just on the couch not paying any attention to me at all. I’m not sure what to do,” the momager said on her IG Story on Wednesday, December 18.

Being the jokester that she is, Chrissy was obviously in on the stunt because she kept ignoring Kris’ demands throughout the night — even when the mom of six placed Chrissy’s cookbooks behind her to further hint she should teach Kris how to cook. The joke continued when Kris said Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, were getting “too comfortable” in her home and showed footage of the couple literally rolling around on her floor and “stealing stuff” from the family’s stockings. LOL. Kris has the best sense of humor.

Kris Jenner and Chrissy Teigen
Michael Buckner/WWD/Shutterstock

In addition to being super funny, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is probably the best when it comes to gift-giving. Kris is all about spoiling her loved ones, including her 10 grandchildren. “Kris spoils the grandkids so much,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “She’ll get them something almost every weekend. Whenever she walks into a store and likes something for, say, , she’ll ask for [nine] more for all the grandkids. Anything she gets for one, she gets for the others.”

The love is mutual. Her grandkids adore their grandma so much they always go over her place, which they’re “obsessed” with. “Her house is full of fun things for the kids — she calls it ‘Camp Lovey!’ That’s what the kids call her,” another insider divulged to Life & Style. “There is an entire playroom full of toys and games, candy and arts and craft stations.” Clearly, Kris is a cool mom and grandma!