Skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight? Kristen Bell posted a sweet picture of herself and Dax Shepard to celebrate his birthday on Jan. 2 and filled people in on how they spent the day. Their relationship is adorable and fans couldn’t help but tease the couple over their ~fitness~ regime. People flooded the comments making jokes that the couple’s sex life is what fueled their midday sweat session.

“Celebrating the birth of [Dax] (the very most special day of the year!!) With a midday couples workout,” Kristen, 38, captioned the cute photo with her hubby, 44. The two were all smiles (and a bit sweaty) as they kissed in the PDA-filled pictures.

Fans thought their innocent visit to the gym was actually innuendo for something else. “Midday couples workout sounds like a euphemism for something…” one person commented. “The new slang term for afternoon delight?” another fan joked. People on Instagram had a great time jumping in on the joke. Someone else added, “So that’s what we’re calling it in 2019?” and another user quipped, “Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! Those midday workouts are so invigorating!” Cheers to a mature new year on social media.

Regardless of the true meaning behind the photo, fans can’t help but gush over the Michigan natives. “You guys are such goals,” someone commented while another user added, “Ugh I love you two together.”

The two actors do seem to have an amazing relationship, but it comes from putting in the work to maintain it. “It gets deeper and more solid and starts to contribute to other areas of my life,” Kristen said about how their love has grown during an interview with InStyle. “It’s like building a house. It takes a lot of work but once you have the house, you can now do work inside of it because it’s stable and supportive. The depth of our love has produced so many wonderful aspects and security.”

Keep being the cutest, you two!

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