Cindy Lou Who, is that you? On Dec. 10, Kristen Bell took to Instagram to show off her new hairstyle courtesy of her daughter. The best part? The mother-of-two claimed that she’ll be rocking the very same ~lewk~ to 2019’s biggest award show.

“My new hairstylist for the [Golden Globes] is not only gifted (see this photo evidence) she also wants to be paid in hugs, works out of my living room, and only pees her bed a few times a week. She’s hired!” Kristen hilariously captioned the post. The only problem is, we don’t which one of the actress’ little girls is responsible for her fabulous ‘do.

For those of you who don’t know, Kristen and her hubby, Dax Shepard, have two daughters — Lincoln, 5, and Delta Bell, 3. Now we’d hate to embarrass anyone, but based on Kristen’s admission that her hairstylist “pees her bed a few times a week,” we have to assume that it’s her youngest. Sorry, Delta!

Oh, and if it’s Lincoln, that’s OK, too. Making it to the toilet takes practice. Hang in there, girl. Anyway, Kristen’s fans were living for this precious mommy-daughter moment and flooded her page with kind words. “Looks gorgeous, darling! You’ll be the envy of all the other guests,” one fan wrote. “I couldn’t love this more!” added another.

Kristen Bell, Golden Globes, Black Gown
Getty Images

Some of Kristen’s followers even encouraged her to actually rock this style at the Globes. “Showing up to the Globes with this hair would make your daughter’s world. Do it!” someone said. Another agreed with, “I dare you to actually go to the Golden Globes like that and represent working moms everywhere! Love it.”

TBH, between the sparkling “Friday” hairclip and messy braided pigtails, we think Kristen’s hair could easily translate into a more avant-garde red carpet look. Just slap on some chandelier earrings and call it a day!