Mama bear mode! Kylie Jenner is one overprotective mom when it comes to her baby girl Stormi Webster — and she has strict rules in place for friends and family who want to spend time with the newborn. The 20-year-old reality star is reportedly a “germaphobe” and does not want her seven-week-old daughter with Travis Scott to get exposed to anything harmful.

“You have to go to her house to visit,” a source told Us Weekly. “She’s being very careful about keeping the baby healthy and indoors.” So, meet and greets are obviously out of the window…

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This news comes just weeks after it was reported that Kylie and her “Goosebumps” rapper boyfriend wear hospital masks around their baby girl. They recently posed together for a rare selfie wearing the medical gear, seemingly confirming the rumors. “Kylie got boxes of medical masks for people to wear around Stormi because she doesn’t want her exposed to any germs, she’s still so brand new,” another source told Hollywood Life. “Kylie makes all the guests wear them. It’s a bit over the top, but she’s extremely cautious when it comes to keeping Stormi safe, she wants to protect her baby girl as much as she can. Travis is the same, they’re both super protective.”

In the meantime, Kylie is enjoying motherhood and snapping pics of Stormi for her fans to admire from a distance. And she’s already making millions off her daughter. Watch the video below to see Stormi’s adorable face!

Life & Style revealed that the lip kit maven spent months drawing up a business plan before her birth. “They trademarked Stormi’s name way before the birth,” the source explained. “Kylie is using her own brand to launch Stormi’s empire. She’s also working on a Stormi clothing line as well as millions of dollars worth of baby product endorsements.”

Like a good mon, Kylie is putting the money in a trust fund. “Kylie’s determined to make her daughter a billionaire before she turns 21,” the source added.