If you look at before-and-after photos of Kylie Jenner over the years, it’s clear her body has gone through quite the transformation. Although the brunette beauty has confessed to getting lip injections in the past, fans think she’s had a lot more work done than she’d like to admit. On May 6, Ky took to Instagram to share a few candid pics of her smiling in a jumpsuit, but followers think the lip kit queen bears a striking resemblance to Big Ang! Watch the video above to see the photos.

The Mob Wives star — who tragically died in February 2016 after losing her battle to stage 4 lung and brain cancer — was notorious for going under the knife. “I had a tummy tuck, liposuction, my lips injected, and my breasts done three times,” Big Ang told Radar Online in 2012. “The first time I had my breasts done was 27 years ago, and they put sponges in them. That was in 1985.”

Big Ang’s plastic surgery transformation is quite shocking, especially when you look at the before-and-after photos. The larger-than-life personality admitted her plastic surgery obsession stemmed from the insecurities she had after giving birth to her first child. “My boobs were so big after I gave birth, I was a 42 triple J so I had to do something,” Ang explained. “After I had the baby, my boobs were dead. They just were prunes down to my waist. After my first surgery, I had them redone in 1995. They took the sponges out and put in saline implants. I had a double 36 double D when I was only 14 years old, so I have always had a big chest.”

kylie jenner big ang

As for Kylie? Fans were convinced she got a boob job before her pregnancy after the makeup mogul posted selfies of her ample assets on Instagram. In the past, the star has also been accused of getting butt implants and reconstructive surgery, even though she attributes her curves to gaining weight and “knowing [her] angles.”

“No ass implants,” Ky explained on her app. “I used to be 120. I told everyone. I was like, ‘I’m 120. I was like 16. I was riding on my little G wagon. I was really skinny. Now I’m pushing like, 136? But it’s all right. I like my chunkiness.'” She continued, “Plus, like, it’s good to know your angles. Always know your angles. I don’t really think I have, like, the fattest ass? But I know my angles.”

Whatever you say, Ky.